C-PACE Scaling Survey Results Available

PACENation surveyed C-PACE market participants to better understand factors affecting the C-PACE market, scalability, challenges, and opportunities for growth. The results of the survey are now available. 92 responses over 85 organizations were received, largely from C-PACE project developers, administrators and funders. Results of the survey provide a better understanding of limiting factors for C-PACE scaling, most prominent being lack of awareness and understanding among building owners. The survey explores common themes and challenges related to administrative burdens and lack of standardization across regulations, and outlines the markets with greatest potential for growth. The full ana

We're celebrating Energy Efficiency Day!

The United States Senate has declared October 5, 2018 National Energy Efficiency Day. A growing network of advocates, companies, government agencies and utilities across the country are showcasing the multitude of diverse benefits afforded by energy efficiency measures, such as cleaner air, lower energy costs, and job creation. The Energy Efficiency sector is an economic powerhouse, that sustains over 2 million American jobs in construction, manufacturing, insulation, lighting, heating and cooling. EPA reports that in the past 25 years, $450 Billion in energy costs and 3.5 kWh of electricity have been saved, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 3.1 billion metric tons. There's still l

2018 Virginia Energy Plan

This week the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME) released the Commonwealth's 2018 Energy Plan. The report analyzes existing energy infrastructure, and outlines recommendations for grid modernization, building out capacity of renewable energy generation and storage, and reducing the state's carbon emissions. Distributed energy resources are likely to make up an increasing share of the energy system in near future. The plan outlines how the regulatory and policy landscape can adapt to emerging priorities and market dynamics as the state shifts toward a more distributed and modernized grid. Cost recovery structures are one key piece of this strategic vision. Virginia enact

Gearing Up... for the Clean Energy Summit

MidAtlantic PACE Alliance is proud to sponsor the 2018 Maryland Clean Energy Summit. This second annual event will convene industry experts, policy makers, elected officials, utility representatives, and business leaders to round table and panel discussions on energy efficiency, resiliency and grid security in Maryland. Picking up the PACE: The summit kicks off with a MAPA Regional Forum: Accessing Innovative Financing for Energy Solutions. The forum will explore best practices, illustrated by case studies, demonstrating how to advantageously finance resource conservation and efficiency projects using a commercial PACE lending strategy. This session is intended for contractors, as well as c

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