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Gearing Up... for the Clean Energy Summit

MidAtlantic PACE Alliance is proud to sponsor the 2018 Maryland Clean Energy Summit. This second annual event will convene industry experts, policy makers, elected officials, utility representatives, and business leaders to round table and panel discussions on energy efficiency, resiliency and grid security in Maryland.

Picking up the PACE: The summit kicks off with a MAPA Regional Forum: Accessing Innovative Financing for Energy Solutions. The forum will explore best practices, illustrated by case studies, demonstrating how to advantageously finance resource conservation and efficiency projects using a commercial PACE lending strategy. This session is intended for contractors, as well as commercial, industrial, manufacturing, agriculture, multi-family residential and nonprofit building owners.

Following an overview of successful case studies, a two-tracked break-out sessions will provide more specific information and guidance to stakeholders interested in building out their knowledge of implementing C-PACE financing.

Track A: Closing the Deal with PACE is intended to help contractors increase their success in closing with PACE clients, particularly on layered or 'multi-measure' projects such as renewable energy generation + efficiency.

Track B: PACE Financing for New Construction vs Adaptive Reuse will dive into the nuances and parameters to consider in planning and development stages of a project.

Tickets are still available! Register for the forum, or the full Summit. Details here.

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