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We're celebrating Energy Efficiency Day!

The United States Senate has declared October 5, 2018 National Energy Efficiency Day. A growing network of advocates, companies, government agencies and utilities across the country are showcasing the multitude of diverse benefits afforded by energy efficiency measures, such as cleaner air, lower energy costs, and job creation.

The Energy Efficiency sector is an economic powerhouse, that sustains over 2 million American jobs in construction, manufacturing, insulation, lighting, heating and cooling. EPA reports that in the past 25 years, $450 Billion in energy costs and 3.5 kWh of electricity have been saved, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 3.1 billion metric tons. There's still lots of room for growth, though: according to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, energy efficiency measures have the potential to meet a third of projected electricity demands by 2030.

45 cities, counties, states and universities have issued formal proclamations, joined by over 300 other entities recognizing today as Energy Efficiency Day.

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