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C-PACE financing will help to preserve Browns Arcade, an iconic and historic address in Baltimore

The MD-PACE program is proud to announce that the City of Baltimore has executed another C-PACE financing project with a building of historical significance.

Brown’s Arcade, in downtown Baltimore, is currently a mixed-use commercial building encompassing both retail and business offices. Constructed in the 18th century, it is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, and is the only building of its kind left in the city. Its historic roots shine through in embellished Colonial Revival details.

This historic gem in the middle of Baltimore’s metropolitan area illustrates the impressive possibilities of C-PACE, which financed numerous energy efficient upgrades. These upgrades included water conservation measures, building enclosure improvements, lighting replacements, and new automated building & HVAC controls. The combination of new LED lighting, low flow plumbing fixtures, increased wall insulation, and new air handling units all contribute to this building’s new path of clean energy utilization, and significant energy bill savings.

See the full press release from Maryland PACE here:

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