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Webinar: Financing C-PACE with Regional and Local Lending Partners

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) is a versatile financing tool for property owners looking to upgrade commercial or multifamily buildings, or find a low-cost alternative to mezzanine debt or preferred equity for new construction projects. C-PACE programs provide 100 percent up-front financing for renewable energy systems, energy and water efficiency improvements, and are active in the District of Columbia, much of Maryland, and coming online quickly in Virginia.

This webinar features two community-based lenders with experience in closing C-PACE financing for new construction and retrofit projects.

Find out why local/regional banks and lending institutions are jumping into C-PACE financing as a promising new line of business to enhance customer relationships and drive environmentally-friendly economic development in the Mid-Atlantic region.

• Kevin Keegan, Assistant Vice President
Commercial Lending
John Marshall Bank

• Andy Bridge, Senior Vice President
C&I Relationship Manager

Moderator: Bracken Hendricks, CEO
Urban Ingenuity

C-PACE for Solar (May 26 2020)

C-PACE can be used to finance renewable energy systems in combination with energy efficiency improvements, or solely for renewable energy systems such as solar PV. Because C-PACE financing offers long loan terms (up to 30 years), it works advantageously in making PV systems pencil, reducing energy costs long term for building owners, and growing the distributed solar market. C-PACE allows a building owner to finance purchase of the PV system and take advantage of the available Federal Investment Tax Credit.

A recording of the webinar is available HERE. 

Webinar: The Evolution of C-PACE in the Mid-Atlantic (December 17, 2019)

Over the past three years, C-PACE has made significant headway in the Mid-Atlantic region. Localities are putting programs into place, projects have been completed from small retrofits to new buildings, and new legislation has been passed. This webinar explores these advances with an emphasis on the Commonwealth of Virginia and provides insights into progress to expect in 2020.

Creating Clean Energy Access for Faith-Based Organizations & Non-Profits

Financing  building improvements and clean energy upgrades using Commercial Property Assessed Clean energy (C-PACE) can help faith-based organizations and non-profits to overcome upfront cost barriers and easily access capital that is paid for over time through savings on utility bills. C-PACE offers low interest rates, long terms to minimize payments, and a solid value proposition for mission-driven organizations that may have difficulty accessing more traditional financing. That's a good deal not only for communities, but for local clean energy business, the regional economy and our shared environment. 

This webinar offers an overview of C-PACE programs in the region, as well as successful examples of faith-based and non-profit organizations that have used this financing.  

A New Source of Capital for Property Owners and Developers: C-PACE from the Lender Perspective (June 5, 2019)

You’re looking to upgrade your commercial or multifamily building and save on utility costs.  Or, the capital stack on your new construction project would benefit from a low-cost alternative to mezzanine debt or preferred equity.  What next?


This webinar features leading organizations in the C-PACE financing business, covering the following topic areas:

  • Connecting with applicable Program Administrators (based on your project's location)

  • Project development, valuation, and loan underwriting processes 

  • How to approach getting mortgage holder consent for C-PACE financing

A recording  of the webinar is available HERE. 

Click 'view slides' below to download the powerpoint file.   

C-PACE Financing for New Construction (March 5 2019)

Representatives from three PACE programs across DC/ MD/ VA shared insights and program details on how C-PACE can be applied to ground-up new construction and substantial renovation projects in these three regions. Similarities and differences were explored among construction project requirements, and how C-PACE financing was included in the capital stack for Audi Field, DC United's new stadium. 

Slides from the webinar are now available 

C-PACE in Hampton Roads (February 28, 2019)

A forum on C-PACE in Hampton Roads, VA, covering background and status of CPACE in Virginia, the value proposition for Hampton Roads communities, and more. 

C-PACE in Virginia - Resources Available to Localities (Sept 12, 2018)

A recorded webinar hosted by the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council

Regional C- PACE Toolkit Presentation (July 25, 2018)

Slides are available from the webinar on the on the MAPA Regional C-PACE Toolkit. The slide deck covers a range of topics included in the toolkit, such as how C-PACE works, what kind of projects can be financed with C-PACE, benefits and challenges of regional harmonization, state program guides, marketing guides and more. (the full toolkit is available here

Understanding C-PACE for Energy Services Companies (May 21, 2018)

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) project financing is expanding rapidly as more state and local governments authorize it and new programs come online. Nationally, the C-PACE market is approaching $600 million in projects financed, according to PACENation. C-PACE is a tool for energy service companies to unlock new business opportunities: C-PACE can finance energy saving retrofits, as well as renewable energy systems and water saving measures over terms of up to 25 years. The net result is that owners can be presented with comprehensive packages that help reduce utility costs and improve cash flow.  

Legal Consideration for PACE Projects (February 15, 2018)

This webinar provides an introduction to commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, with a focus on legal issues encountered by capital providers. Case studies of commercial PACE transactions illustrate the challenges that may arise in PACE transactions as well as strategy for resolving legal issues and successfully closing C-PACE deals.

Presented by: Carrie O'Malley Partner at Hirschler Fleisher Attorneys at Law

Lessons from the DC - PACE program (Oct 10, 2017)

The C-PACE program in the District of Columbia has closed over a dozen new projects, including the largest single PACE note at $25 million for the new DC United stadium. Join officials from the District government and the DC Pace program administrator, Urban Ingenuity, to learn more about the program's development and key lessons learned as it grew into today's vibrant C-PACE program.

Speakers include:

  • Daniel Farrell - VA Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy 

  • Kenley Farmer - District Department of Energy and Environment 

  • Bracken Hendricks - DC PACE Program Administrator & CEO, Urban Ingenuity 

What is C-PACE

An overview for local governments 

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